Spectrum: Autism, Art, and Music Exhibit Comes to the American Jazz Museum



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Spectrum: Autism, Art, and Music Exhibit Comes to the American Jazz Museum

(Kansas City, Mo.) The American Jazz Museum launches 2017 with a new and innovative exhibition, Spectrum: Autism, Art, and Music. This exhibition will feature Denver digital artist Juliette Hemingway and her son Javari Eugene-Poet Chase, who will also present works in the exhibition.

Javari was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Deficit Disorder when he was 10 years old. As a parent to a child diagnosed with Autism, Juliette chose early on to use visual and musical art as vehicles for education. Using JAZZ as a focal point, she enhances her son’s ability to grow and function in a world that often isolates and marginalizes children and adults with special requirements. "My blue people represent the acknowledgment of Autism as part of my life. My only child is Autistic and it has had an enormous impact on our lives. So, therefore, it is the same in my art.” Today her art reaches a diverse population, educating communities on the significant power of the arts in a variety of aspects, including the healing process.

Spectrum: Autism, Art and Music exhibition is part of the American Jazz Museum’s ongoing initiative to present temporary exhibits using innovative ways to provide the community, tourists, scholars, artists, students and educators with creative frameworks that will encourage and inspire them to appreciate Jazz and the major role it plays in the United States and in the world. The exhibit highlights over 70 extraordinary works of digital imagery that illuminate relationships between Autism and JAZZ music. By making art and JAZZ accessible via digital technology, the Museum will feature Juliette’s artistic perspective and debut Javari’s artwork for the very first time. “This exhibition brings new experiences for our visitors, increases awareness on the importance of art and health, makes the arts accessible and relevant to all, and it connects the digital world to the arts in our community,” said Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner, Executive Director of the American Jazz Museum.

The exhibit opens January 14, 2017, and closes April 30, 2017. Complimentary programming for children, families, adult and artists will be presented throughout the exhibition. Programs range from artist talks, STEAM activities, virtual reality art lessons, music programs and Autism resources and events.

About the American Jazz Museum – Our mission is to celebrate and exhibit the experience of JAZZ as an original American art form through performance, exhibition, education, and research. We are located at one of the country's most historic JAZZ crossroads, the 18th & Vine District in Kansas City, Missouri. To learn more about the American Jazz Museum please visit our website at www.americanjazzmuseum.org.