Pop-Up Gallery: Antonio L. Burton aka Toni Picasso

The Pop-Up Gallery will take place in the Changing Gallery from 10:00 am-1:00 pm. The artist, Antonio L. Burton aka Toni Picasso, will deliver an artist talk at 11:30 am in the Gallery. This is a free event, but we kindly request that you reserve your place for the artist talk. Art will be available for purchase.

Antonio L. Burton was born in a small Midwest town by the name of Decatur, IL. During his college career, Antonio began studying as an Art teacher for grades K-12. After gaining some experience in art education, Antonio decided to focus his collegiate studies on studio art emphasizing painting. He then began his journey as a freelance artist. He created ALB Artwork to share his passion for art with others in the community. After graduating college, Antonio became Art Director for CTF, a not-for-profit organization for disadvantaged adults. During his time working with CTF, Antonio had the opportunity to create an art curriculum to assist those with disadvantages to create art and make a profit while sharing their works with the community. This gave Antonio the sense to make it his life’s mission to teach art and spread the joys of how art can be used to help cope with many challenges we face in society. Having the encouragement of his grandmother, mother and grandfather, Antonio had the right formula needed to take the journey as a social freelance artist. His main purpose for creating art now is to create awareness about any issues, whether it be self, social, financial, or religious. All this corresponds with a therapeutic approach and the message that art is in us all and we all can create it. This artist has now become a local in the Kansas City area where he hopes to impact the community using his art as a gateway to their hearts.





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