Plus Minus feat. Megan Birdsall

Plus Minus

Plus Minus is a band for a new age. With music built to deeply affect the psyche of the listener, each song tells the story of the composer, the band and the audience. What we need right now is content and context over image and advertising. We need new stories and new ideas that can profoundly alter the direction of our collective mind. This is the fruit that Plus Minus brings to bear. 

Bandleader Ben Leifer is a creative leading voice in the world music community, and his message is resoundingly felt in the melodies he produces. “I want to turn a mirror to the listener, but my music requires more than just listening. It elicits an active and thoughtful engagement with the space beyond the notes. This mirror will show you who you have been, who you are, and what you can become”, says Leifer about the mission of Plus Minus. 

It’s all in the name. Polarity and duality, above and below, inside, outside and in between are  all words that hint at the mysteries of what inquiring minds must know. Plus Minus is about experiencing that wonder, and rendering yourself vulnerable to the truth without the need to answer your questions. 

Modern melodies, expanded harmony and the vibrant rhythmic tradition of blues and jazz are all present when you come to hear this band. From the places we’ve come, and hurdling towards the future, Plus Minus will give you a conduit with which to safely travel there.”

Megan Birdsall

Megan Birdsall, a gifted musician who was born in Motown, grew up in the home of jump jazz, and lives part time in Music City. Her haunting melodies and evocative lyrics rest on a bed of traditional country instruments playing anything but traditional country. Influenced by a diverse array of writers such as Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Will Oldham and Joni Mitchell, she has fashioned a sound uniquely her own.





American Jazz Museum


The Blue Room
1600 E 18th St
Kansas City, MO 64108
United States