Live Painting: A First Friday tribute to Nina Simone (Free Virtual Program)

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Read below for more information about each painter featured in this month's program.

Deaunte Thomas

Deaunte Thomas, formally known as Duddy, is a visual artist born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Motivated by being a product of his environment, his mission is inspiring future generations of artists to be trend setters and follow their ambitions. His artistic journey began at age 6 but started specializing in painting in 2017. In addition to art, he aims to be a leader encourage other artists to pursue their passions.

J.B. Lee

Lee's art is an exploration in abstract painting and realism. Combining them allows his artistic expression to create his perspective on people, places, and things in his world. As a life-long artist, he wants to share his gift with the world.

Calisha Monique

Calisha Monique is an African American artist and apparel designer born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Her inspiration derives from visual artist Jean Michel Basquiat, with the human experience being captured from an African American perspective and creating works emphasizing acrylic and textures to marry together the past and present. Monique earn an Associate's degree of Art from Penn Valley Community College and a B.A. from Clark Atlanta University.

Ryan Williams

An excerpt from Williams' creative statement: "the most important part of creating art to me is what the art I create means to others. After putting work into a project, watching someone who can tell me exactly how that piece made them feel, as well as how they thought I was feeling when I created the piece, is amazing. That feeling of connection between the viewer and myself is what gives my work purpose. My style of work brings out a vivid responses from viewers, creating a sense of life, emotion, understanding. My work is the opportunity for me to connect with you."


With an MA from the University of Missouri - Kansas City in Art Hisory and a BFA from Missouri University, Shaka defines herself as "middle of the map," born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. From being a frequent flyer to being a second degree blackbelt, Shaka's artistic expressions reflect her life expereinces.

Roberto Lara aka Blando Bland

Roberto Lara aka Blando Bland is an artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. His styles sample from never-ending horizons of southwestern skies combined with elements of graffiti & modern art. Currently he resides in Kansas City, MO.


Skiggity was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri.As a self-taught artist, his work ranges mediums and industries. In 2015 he started his own clothing company, Nick Nacs, and two years later he started skiggity.skiggity, a Pop Culture streetwear brand of all original artwork including shirts, stickers, and high quality enamel lapel pins. In 2019 he quit is day job and decided to pursue art full-time, with recent projects including logos, his first children's book titled We're All Weird! - A Children's Book on Inclusivity, and a multitde of street art murals. 





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