Live Painting: A First Friday tribute to Ella Fitzgerald (Virtual Program/No Audience)

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Read below for more information about each painter featured in this month's program.

Charlie Klauenberg

Klauenberg's ove for the visual arts and theatre started in middle school when she first designed a show. Ever since she was little she was always drawing or painting. Charlie Klauenberg is now in her second year at University of Missouri-Kansas City studying Theatre Design.

Deaunte Thomas

Deaunte Thomas, formally known as Duddy, is a visual artist born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Motivated by being a product of his environment, his mission is inspiring future generations of artists to be trend setters and follow their ambitions. His artistic journey began at age 6 but started specializing in painting in 2017. In addition to art, he aims to be a leader encourage other artists to pursue their passions.

Ryan Williams

From Willaims' creative statement: "The most important part of creating art to me is what the art that I’ve created means to others.  After putting myself into a piece of work, then watching someone who is able to tell me exactly how that piece made them feel, as well as how they thought I was feeling when I created the piece is quite an amazing feeling. That feeling of connection between the viewer and myself is what gives my work purpose.  My style of work; art that brings out a vivid response in the viewers is what my work truly means to me! My work means life, emotion, understanding. Through my work, I want the world to have the opportunity to connect with me.​"

Noel Turla

From Turla's website: "When I was young, I loved to draw. I learned about 2-dimensional characters on paper. Then, I discovered painting. I was able to explore with different levels of transparencies, discover how layers against layers could create many depths into my paintings, and introduce movement and emotions. I learned that the flow of the paint would guide the personality of my paintings. Most of my inspiration comes from nature and science. It intrigues me that the interactions between the two overlap continuously. That the most beautiful things can be found in science, and much of nature can seem so mechanical. In exploring my art, I’ve come to the conclusion that the more I know the less I understand. These concepts may be abstractions, yet they are innate."

Keira Monae

Monáe is a 20 year old self taught visual artist from Kansas City Missouri. She has been painting since she was young and can remember always getting art supplies for a birthday since she was a kid. Through her art, whether it be poetry, acting, painting or music, she wishes to fully showcase her experience and full expression as a black queer woman. She has loved art in its many forms for as long as she can remember and hopes that love is felt by others. Her current showcase of her work can be seen on her instagram @monae.333.

Lynell Diggs

Lynell Diggs a native of Kansas City, who is a self-taught artist since the age of 5 primarily creates using charcoal or acrylic paint. He occasionally airbrushes, uses soft pastels and water colors. Lynell is inspired to create images of realism and focuses on art that is visually stimulating. Lynell has displayed in The Negroe League Baseball Museum, The American Jazz Museum, The El-Scari Harvey Art Gallery and many local businesses including Barber shops, beauty salons and doctors offices. Lynell has been commissioned for several custom pieces which he specializes in creating.

Friday, March 05, 5:00pm
Friday, March 05, 5:00pm




American Jazz Museum


Broadcast from The Blue Room
1615 E 18th Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
United States