JC The New King of Funk

Jewel Carter, better known in the music community as "JC" was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. JC's mother and father were both gifted singers in their church choir, where at an early age JC's love and roots in music were firmly established. These factors inevitably became the essence and vision that are JC. The entire Carter family was always involved in music, at church at school and in the home. The variety of musical instruments JC was exposed to only fueled his passion more for music and the mastery of the instruments he cared for most. JC felt a need and desire to take his music to a new level, he did so without wavering. Jewel now knew that in order to prosper he would need to make a firm commitment to ensure his success, and avoid the pitfalls that are inherent to the industry.

Jewel's first love is the bass guitar, but has proven his proficiency as a vocalist, drummer, keyboardist, writer, arranger, composer, and producer. In over thirteen years of entertaining he has toured with such groups as: The Gap Band, Roger Troutman, Teena Marie, Bootsy Collins and Gladys Knight. As a studio musician, JC has laid down bass tracks for such artist as: TUPAC and SHAQ. He has participated in two motion picture sound tracks: Pharcyde's "Can't Stop the Music" from the movie Mr. Good Burger, and "Taste" from The 6th Man. JC continues to hone his craft and has ben dubbed the "The new King of Funk" by those he has entertained throughout the Western United States.





American Jazz Museum


Blue Room Jazz Club
1616 E 18th St
Kansas City, MO 64108
United States