It Takes a Family to Raise a Village: A Conversation on Autism

Camille Proctor, Executive Director and Founder of The Color of Autism Foundation, speaks about how she has crafted a creative platform to address the challenges that she has faced as a single parent raising a child "at the point where atypical and typical meet.” Ms. Proctor’s son, Ari, was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD-NOS) at the age of 2. According to Camille, “PDD-NOS is sort of a gray area on the Autism spectrum.” In 2009, Camille launched The Color or Autism Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocacy, awareness, and knowledge among Black parents in her community. Through the Color of Autism, Camille connects families to local services, and she provides one-on-one support.

Following Camille’s presentation, the American Jazz Museum also invites community and ASD health-care providers and professionals to showcase materials that are related to this event.

The program is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Spectrum: Autism, Art, and Music open January 14-April 30, 2017. This innovative art exhibit features Denver digital artist Juliette Hemingway and her son Javari Eugene-Poet Chase. At the age of 10, Javari was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Today he is 13 years old. Together, Juliette and Javari have used their challenges to build a beautiful life of art and images that are indicative of the path that they have traveled to wellness and healing. 




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