Havilah Bruders with Stephen Martin

Havilah is a versatile vocal performer from the Kansas City area. She has done numerous jazz, blues, classical, folk and bluegrass performances at venues and festivals throughout the Metro Area. Havilah's voice is warm and sultry in her low range but also soars high to make a sweet or powerful statement. 

Havilah's musical roots started at a very young age learning gospel and sacred music in church. Classical music was also a major influence in the shaping of her musical palate, due to her father playing classical music around the house and in his office at work. She also went with him to hear live concerts and productions around town, which left many lasting impressions on her. Old folk tunes of the Kentucky hills were passed on to her by her mother's family, who have ancestors that come from Kentucky. Her mother's family grew up singing together for many people at churches and community events. They passed on the family music to their children, which Havilah cherishes, and she is now passing it on to her children.

Havilah discovered her love for big band and jazz standards around the time she was in junior high school. That love grew through the years and is what inspired her to start performing jazz in Kansas City. This music is especially fun for her to sing because of the freedom of improvisation. As a student of William Jewell college, Havilah's repertoire expanded with classical art song and choral music. She has been a member of many choirs throughout her life. The William Jewell Concert Choir, the Fine Arts Chorale, and the Independence Messiah Choir, with which she performed at Carnegie Hall.

It is Havilah's goal to promote Kansas City's rich musical heritage and the growth of the current talent there.





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