The CUR3 featuring Christian Swan

Formerly known as the Christian Swan Trio, Kansas City’s The Culture R3vived or The CUR3 is an emerging contemporary jazz band. The CUR3 is bringing a breath of fresh air to jazz music and culture, all while sporting Nikes and shades, aiming to revolutionize the millennial jazz scene. "We want you to escape and enjoy music you can relate to,” said Christian Swan, the band’s pianist.

The CUR3 also features Blair Bryant on bass and Zachary B. Morrow on drums. With each band member under the age of 25, they believe they’ve found the perfect balance between contemporary jazz that appeals to their generation, while still resonating with the maturity and knowledge of a straight-ahead jazz enthusiast.  All three band members are products of the jazz studies program at The University of Missouri- Kansas City’s Conservatory of Music and Dance.

Although The CUR3 is ready to offer exceptional talent and performance to the jazz world, its three members understand that’s only the beginning.Their new sound will settle with those who love rap and hip-hop, soul, funk, blues, and the genre that inspired it all: jazz. In percussionist Zachary B. Morrow’s words, “This music makes people feel good, it's a medicine, and it's a totally different type of musical experience.”




American Jazz Museum


Blue Room Jazz Club
1616 E 18th St.
Kansas City, MO 64108
United States