Charles Gatschet

A messenger of swing, Charles Gatschet was raised in the Kansas City tradition, having worked with Step-Buddy Anderson, Claude "Fiddler" Williams, Baby Lovett, Richard Ross, Jimmy Witherspoon, Carmel Jones, Bobby Watson and Tyrone Clark. He is also a fine composer with an affinity for bebop, Brazilian & world music styles. He is leader on two recordings comprising original music as well as standards: Step Lightly (2007) and Reflections (2002). His playing is lyrical and soulful, with deep regard for composition. Gatschet has studied theory and arranging with John Elliott and classical guitar with Doug Niedt. He has gained valuable experience playing swing, blues and funk in a variety of settings. His favorite guitarists include Jim Hall and Ed Bickert, and he points to Freddie Green and Charlie Christian as foundational influences. 





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