Book Signing: Lila Johnson

After much pondering and the need to “Roam around the World,” in March 1998, Lila literally hit the road. Her first assignment as a travel nurse placed her in Orangeburg, South Carolina. With moss-covered trees and southern hospitality, the need for creativity was reborn. She taught herself photography and rekindled her childhood love of writing.

The art of crafting a story and bringing it to life with photography developed at the Time and Democrat, a local newspaper. The July, 2000 story "Invasion at the Regional Medical Center" was an introduction to being paid for what she loved, writing. 

Other work included letters to the editor and opinion pieces. During a six-month stint in Savannah, Georgia, with her camera, pencil and paper in tow, Lila worked for the Savannah Morning News and the island editions of Close-Up. It provided more practice with newspaper reporting as well as a way to learn about the town and all it had to offer.

In February, 2001, a call from the editor of Walking magazine confirmed her writing talent. They published her story, Diary of a Fat Girl. Two months later, the magazine featured her in their April “Spotlight” section. In this same year with varying months until 2003, she wrote for Advance for Nurses and Nursing Spectrum, trade magazines.

Healthcare Traveler magazine, geared towards the travel side of the health care profession, gave her wings to soar. With a current listing of twenty-five plus articles, interviews and contest won pieces, this was her best work to date. Soon Lila practiced the art of magazine writing, interviewing and meeting deadlines. A genuine rush comes over her while crafting a story from idea to completion. Compare it to that of an architect or even an engineer.

In the past she was on the Advisory Board of HT, which was a great honor in which she represented four companies in this role, Foundation Medical Staffing, American Mobile Network, Cross Country and All About Staffing.

In 2007, her travel adventures were mentioned in the book, Work It Girl! The Guide to Professional Success by Lorraine Morris and Pamela McBride.

Since “flexibility” is her middle name, her past work includes several in-house newsletters for American Mobile Network and Gambro as well as a fitness center in Clovis, New Mexico. Her Letters to Editors appear in various newspapers, writer’s magazines and twice in O, the Oprah magazine.

Now her books, You Need Love Like I DoThe Fat Girls Club and The Fat Girls Club Paris Bound, presents stories relating to the power of love gone amiss, friendships, personal growth and secrets that we hold within and from the people that love us. With the use of humor and characters people can relate to, Lila’s Kansas City based books are gaining readers attention and hearts.





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