Black History Month Luncheon with Michael D'Antonio

During the first Black History Month after President Barack Obama's term in office, the American Jazz Museum celebrates the history and culture that gave rise to jazz with Reflections on the First Black President at our First Annual Black History Month Luncheon featuring special guest Pulitzer-Prize winning author Michael D'Antonio who will share his reflections on A Consequential President: The Legacy of Barack Obama

In A Consequential President, D’Antonio tallies President Obama’s long record of achievement, recalling both his major successes and less-noticed ones that nevertheless contribute to his legacy. The record includes Obama’s role as an inspirational leader who was required to navigate race relations as the first Black president and had to function in an atmosphere that included both racial acrimony from his critics and unfair expectations among supporters. In light of these conditions, Obama’s greatest achievement came as he restored dignity and ethics to the office of the president, and serve as proof that he has delivered the hope and the change he promised eight years before. A Pulitzer Prize-winning writer of books, articles, and film, Michael D’Antonio has published more than a dozen books. Described variously as “luminous,” “captivating,” “momentous” and “meticulous” Michael’s work is renowned for its clarity, balance, and thoroughness.





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