Women in Jazz 2018

For Immediate Release 

March 5, 2018

Marissa Baum

Women in Jazz: Celebrate and Pay Tribute to Women Jazz Artists in the award-winning Blue Room

(Kansas City, Mo.) – Women have always played and continue to play a significant role in developing Jazz music through creative compositions, stellar performances and their work behind the scenes in presenting the art form. Unfortunately, these contributions have gone either unrecognized or not in the history books. The Women in Jazz initiative, exemplify the talented female artists, celebrate their diverse roles, promote their legacy and offer them employment opportunities.

The American Jazz Museum takes pride in shining the light for their tremendous contributions to the music by paying tribute through the presentation, Women in Jazz 2018.  Also, it honors them by collecting items that chronicle their lives and careers the Women in Jazz Collection.

Women in Jazz 2018 will present performances in the Blue Room featuring local, regional, and national female artists. All month long, musicians will present innovative performances and selections that showcase the contributions of women to the jazz genre. Sunday, March 18th at 4:00 pm we will present a concert Women in Jazz 2018: Woman’s World featuring Deborah Brown, Marlene Rosenberg, Pam Watson, and Argarita Palavicini. Other headliners include Denise Thimes (March 31), Ida McBeth (March 17), Millie Edwards (March 12), Lori Tucker (March 19), Karita Carter (March 8), Alyssa Murray (March 15), Eboni Fondren and Amber Underwood (March 22), Molly Hammer and Shay Estes (March 26), Jackie Zamora (March 29), and more!

Women in Jazz Collection, The Museum has assembled a vast collection of oral histories, artifacts, garments, photographs, oral histories, gowns, clippings, programs, contracts and other materials from national and local artists. Artists include but not limited to Queen Bay, Clora Bryant, Ida McBeth, Marian McPartland, Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, Melba Liston, Billie Mahoney and Pearl Thuston-Brown.

Women in Jazz 2018 is funded in part by the Missouri Arts Council. Please support the American Jazz Museum by visiting americanjazzmuseum.org/support.

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