Ida McBeth Gallery Unveiled at the American Jazz Museum


For Immediate Release 

September 25, 2020

Lisa Heishman, Director of External Affairs & Communications


The American Jazz Museum's newest gallery space honors Kansas City native Ida McBeth, a self-proclaimed "song stylist" and nationally recognized jazz legend. The Ida McBeth Gallery offers space for artists, particularly those devoted to music, who need a small gallery space to showcase their work. The inaugural collection Legendary Jazz Greats by Robert Blehert honors Ida along with 26 other jazz heroes like Count Basie, Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker.

Visitors are encouraged to explore each of Blehert's impressionist portraits up close, with vibrant colors and untamed brush strokes that transcend the limits of the canvas, permeating the room with the intrinsic energy and sounds of jazz. Blehert has completed portraits of actor Tom Cruise and most recently was commissioned to paint a portrait of Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

On Thursday evening, Ida McBeth along with her close friends and family, artist Robert Blehert, and American Jazz Museum staff and board paid tribute to Ida's longstanding legacy and unveiled its first exhibit, Legendary Jazz Greats, which will be on display until December 31. 

The Ida McBeth Gallery is open to the public with paid admission to the American Jazz Museum. To plan your visit, go to

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