The American Jazz Museum Partners With Local Food Organizations For Musician's Appreciation Day

For Immediate Release 

December 17, 2020

Lisa Heishman, Director of External Affairs & Communications


On December 17, 2020, the American Jazz Museum partnered with local food organizations to give out free food for Musician's Appreciation Day. Truman Medical Center provided bags of fresh produce, and Smaxx provided boxes of hot meals. To maintain the city's COVID-19 policies and procedures, museum staff and volunteers from Smaxx helped deliver the produce and hot meals directly to musician's cars.


AJM staff member, left, and Truman Medical Center representatives, center and right, help deliver produce bags to The Blue Room. the museum's jazz club.


AJM staff members and volunteers from Smaxx help deliver hot meals to The Blue Room. the museum's jazz club.


AJM staff member delivers produce bag and hot meal to Kansas City musician.

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