Commercial Filming and Photography Guidelines

American Jazz Museum (AJM) reserves the right to cancel any shoot at any time if it is not in the best interest of objects, staff or guests, or if it defies the Museum's mission or any of the guidelines outlined below.

The American Jazz Museum's vision extends to all members of the media. Requests to film and photograph at AJM will be evaluated on an individual basis. We will try to accommodate requests that are made, however we may not be able to meet all requests. AJM's participation is dependent upon a number of factors including the focus of filming or event, prior filming commitments, and staffing availability. AJM reserves the sole right to grant or refuse access to any media organization based on the advice or request of staff members and to determine under what terms filming may take place.

All interested parties must complete AJM's Filming and Photography Application and submit a completed application at least two weeks in advance to AJM's Communications team through the media inbox or staff member designated. Project applications submitted less than two weeks in advance may not be accommodated and no filming will be accommodated with less than 24 hours’ notice. Application can be found here.


  • Filming must not inhibit or impede with the visitor experience or daily staff operations.
  • Behind-the-scenes access is subject to approval by staff and may be denied at any time.
  • AJM's responsibility is first to our staff, collection, and to our guests. If at any time any AJM staff member believes the actions of the production company, or the actions of any individuals associated with the production company, threaten the well-being of any of the Museum's staff, patrons, or exhibits, the production company will be ordered to alter or discontinue production until the threat is alleviated.
  • AJM management may deem blackout film dates that are non-negotiable.
  • Any media or production personnel who interfere with any guests’ experience will be asked to leave the Museum along with the entire crew. Re-admittance to the Museum will be at the discretion of AJM staff.
  • Crew size and equipment size must be negotiated and approved before the day of the shoot. Crews have until twenty-four (24) hours before their scheduled shoot to make changes to said agreement. Any deviations to said agreement upon arrival of the crew will be allowed or denied at the discretion of AJM staff.
  • Each member of the crew will be held to the terms of this agreement upon its signing by a representative of the production company.
  • Due to the nature of historical artifacts on exhibit, auxiliary lighting, including flash photography bulbs and strobes, may not be allowed in designated areas of the Museum.
  • Large filming equipment, such as cranes or dollies, must be approved by facilities’ staff before they will be allowed in the Museum. Any equipment that may interfere with AJM operations, restrict public access or potentially present a hazard to the general public will not be allowed in the Museum.
  • Museum exhibits may not be altered or moved in any way. Limited set construction may be permitted during non-operating hours. Any sets brought into the Museum must be approved at least one week in advance.
  • Nothing may be permanently attached to walls or other structures.
  • No adhesive tape may be applied to walls or exhibits. Any materials brought into the building must be removed by members of the crew.
  • AJM is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is prohibited anywhere on AJM property.
  • All maintenance, major construction, repair and custodial work occurs at times when the Museum is closed. Any set construction or approved adjustments must be made during times designated by AJM. If sound is being recorded, we will make every effort to minimize noise from sources such as floor polishers, metal carts, vacuums and other machinery, but please be aware we cannot guarantee a quiet environment. Maintenance crews must have enough time to complete all work before the Museum opens to the public in the morning.
  • Any catering, food or beverage needs must be discussed with AJM staff in advance of production.

Credit and Use:
The production company or project operators will acknowledge AJM in its production should it use any video or photos or be subject to location fees.

  • Use of AJM trademarks including but not limited to images, logos, slogans, titles and names must be done so with the express written consent of AJM. AJM copyrightable materials associated with or used and published by AJM or its affiliates or licensees, shall not be used or depicted on any packaging without the approval of the Communications department.
  • The terms of this agreement must be agreed upon by AJM and the production company before filming may commence. The product of any filming done at AJM outside the terms of this agreement shall be forfeited to AJM without compensation. Violation of one or more of the terms of this agreement by either AJM or the production company may result in the termination of this agreement without compensation to the party at fault.

Location Fees:
Location fees are determined by several factors, such as the intent of the project, its potential impact on the Museum, the potential promotional value to the Museum, the amount of support required by the Museum and the extent to which rights to the final product are shared with the Museum. Additional Museum staff or trade personnel may require additional hourly fees based on the nature of the project. This fee schedule is a benchmark against which all projects will be evaluated. Depending on the details of the project and potential impact to the Museum, the site fees may be quoted higher or lower than the standard schedule. Any changes will be discussed and agreed upon before any agreement is signed. AJM staff will conduct one (1) scout at no charge; any additional scouts will be subject to a fee that covers two hours.
Revenue generated from commercial and professional shoots assists the American Jazz Museum in ongoing efforts to preserve, display, and expand the collection. For this reason, commercial photography and photo use are both strictly controlled.

  • During museum hours: fee starts at $40/hr (1hr min), 50% to be paid in advance through the Marketing and Communications department.
    • This fee covers a party size of 10 guests maximum. Additional guests must pay admission to AJM.
  • Outside of museum hours: fee starts at $175/hr (1hr min), 50% to be paid in advance through the Marketing and Communications department.

Content and Script Approval:
All scripted projects must submit a full script for approval. All scripts or content must be consistent with, and not in conflict with, the mission and operations of AJM. The Museum's marketing and communications staff will review all requests and determine if the nature of the film conflicts or hinders the mission of the Museum.

  • Content of shoot may not conflict with any sponsors of AJM. Content must not in any way portray museum content in a manner that can be perceived as negative.
  • Content shall not contain any of the following: unwarranted, misleading or doubtful claims or assertions; material that violates or infringes upon the personal, proprietary, or other right of any person or entity; any disparaging material regarding AJM, its services, products or its competitors; any defamatory, scandalous, obscene, profane, indecent, vulgar, repulsive, or other material that is inconsistent with the family image or high quality associated with AJM, any mention by name of any generally advertised or promoted products or services, including any inserts or promotional references to such products or services in a motion picture or audiovisual work, unless consented to in writing by the American Jazz Museum; any material promoting or presenting a lottery, drawing, contest, game of chance or gambling arrangement; or any material stating or implying that AJM endorses final package, any third party, or any product or service, without AJM's approval.
  • Final scripts must be submitted to AJM's marketing and communications department at least two weeks in advance of the shoot. The Museum reserves the right to approve or deny use of the Museum's name or image in any context, and to review any scenes involving AJM.

Damages & Insurance:
The production company will be held responsible for any damages to AJM facilities caused by any member of the shoot/film crew or induced by the actions of the shoot/film crew as a whole. If necessary, AJM will repair or replace damaged areas, or contract for the repair or replacement of damaged areas or items, and bill the production company for the expense. The production company will have up to twenty-four (24) hours to reach a payment agreement with AJM before legal action may be taken. Any organization wishing to film or photograph on AJM property must first secure a valid certificate of general liability insurance for no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) listing AJM as an additional insured for the date and location of the shoot. Any agreement between a media organization and AJM shall be dependent on securing the certificate of insurance