Since the birth of America’s only indigenous art form and its journey across the globe, certain cities have put distinctive stamps in its sound, history and development. As one of the greatest purveyors of jazz, Kansas City continues to put an indelible mark on the music – and within its borders is one of the important incubators of the art form, the American Jazz Museum.

The Museum is a vital cultural institution that plays host to countless students, educators, music enthusiasts, musicians both local and national – and thousands of people from our community.

Through past, present, and future support by the Kansas City community and general public around the world at-large, the American Jazz Museum is able to preserve, celebrate and advance Kansas City’s rich musical, historical and cultural traditions while perpetuating the indigenous American art form – jazz.


American Jazz Museum Programs/Education

In addition to the permanent exhibits, the Museum hosts four major exhibitions each year in its Changing Gallery, which provides free access to the museum-going public.

Arts, entertainment and cultural programming at the American Jazz Museum helps to augment and fill any related voids that exist in public school education with respect to meeting the needs of standards-based and driven initiative requirements.

The American Jazz Museum provides annual educational programming and museum tours to more than 26,000 students from 440 schools, mostly drawn from local & regional school districts.

The American Jazz Museum also presents upwards of 300 public performances annually, including those in the Blue Room, an internationally recognized, award-winning jazz club and the Gem Theater, home to the Jammin’ at the Gem concert series.  A fact of special note is that almost half of the 200+ performances in the Blue Room are free and open to the public.


How You Can Support the American Jazz Museum

The American Jazz Museum appreciates all donations large and small.

Donations  enable us to create new and diverse educational and public programming, and to bring world renowned musicians and artists to the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District.

The Museum’s largest current need is for general operating support.

Additional needs include:

  • Support for performance expenses
  • Endowment support;
  • Funds to update technology in permanent Museum exhibits;
  • Marketing funds for increased awareness of the Museum’s programs

Please consider making a donation to the American Jazz Museum, and help us maintain the traditions of musical excellence that were established decades ago in this very neighborhood – the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District.