American Jazz Museum Official Photographers provide professional quality photographs for use by the museum in its efforts to promote and market the mission areas of the organization.

o Please note that although we always attempt to include compensation whenever budgeting allows, AJM Official Photographers are not typically paid for taking photographs at most events, but are provided in-kind access to take photographs at American Jazz Museum concert events, including celebrity photo opportunities and education programs.

o These hi-resolution photographs are free to use for non-commercial purposes with attribution where provided.

o Download various sizes at: American Jazz Museum Flickr Photostream

Official Staff Photographers


JASON PIGGIE – Kansas City

Jason Piggie is a Filmmaker/ Producer/ Photographer. He has been working as a Photographer since 1990. Jason Piggie has been creating and filmmaking and producing since 2001. Jason Piggie graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) with a B.A. in communication. Jason Piggie has written and directed 9 short films including “Bad Dream”, ” Mattie’s Song”, ” Agent C” and “Domestic”. In 2009, Jason Piggie won 1st place at the 3/5/7 Film Festival in the 5 Minute Category and in 2012 won best in show at the Arts KC show. Jason Piggie’s film projects have been featured in the changing gallery at the American Jazz Museum. Jason Piggie currently lives in Kansas City Missouri, but has done some work in other parts of continental USA

Online: LittlePiggieEntertainment.

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JAMES WARD – Kansas City

Online: James Ward Photography.

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The filmmaking and photography of Diallo Javonne French.

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American Jazz Museum Marketing Communications Manager: Burnett Music and Publishing.

Other Featured Photographers


STEPHEN BUTLER – North Carolina

Photographer Stephen Butler once served as the Photographer in Residence at the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, Missouri and is owner of Poetic Imagery Photography. His work is part of the Museum’s collection. Mr. Butler also works with many Jazz musicians to merchandise particular photographs that reflect their image and energy. Poetic Imagery is his full-service photography company. They shoot on location around the country. They can be found on the web at:

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BOB BARRY – Hollywood

Bob Barry – Jazzography In Black & White.

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PERMISSION: All video and still photographers who wish to take pictures at any American Jazz Museum hosted events and venues, must receive written permission to do so from the Marketing Communications Department before doing so. If your request is approved and permission is granted to video or photograph on premises, certain guidelines must be followed. Violation of any terms and guidelines could result in loss of authorization to take pictures at the American Jazz Museum.